Jul 30, 2015

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6 Of The Most Attractive Destinations In The Middle East


We have all seen news pieces of various places in the Arabic world; it is no secret that the Middle East offers a lot of beautiful destinations for the avid modern traveler.

The following is a compilation of 6 of the most attractive destinations in the Middle East that may help you plan out your next vacation.
6. The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
The Dome of the Rock is considered one of the holiest sites in the Islamic culture. Firmly placed in the middle of a stone compound, the Dome rises above the landscape to capture the rays of the morning sunlight in its smooth and magnificently glossy top. The base of the dome is a beautifully preserved octagonal base with multiple entries. This offers a truly relaxing and unforgettable memory.
sunrise-in-karnak-temple-luxor-egypt5. Luxor, Egypt

This is a complex site of treasured ruins that once were part of a very beautiful and extraordinary city. Luxor is decorated by the beautiful ruins of temples such as the Karnak temple, mosques, sandstone pavements and rows of giant pillars in different states of preservation. The beauty and mystery of Luxor is complemented by the presence of the legendary Valley of the Kings; that seals the ruins of this ancient city as the front yard view that the pharaohs chose for their final resting place.

4. Musandam Fjords, Oman

An excellent way of reaching this scenic paradise is by dhow. Musandam Fjords has been enveloped by a wall of dark, weather-chiseled rugged mountains that rush down into the sea to form part of the Arabia Peninsula’s seabed. The water at Musandam Fjords is packed with a vast number of wildlife species that make the area an excellent scuba diving site.
3. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Iran

8tEc6YtThis is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable places of worship in the world. The mosque’s elaborate ceiling mosaic, coupled with the vaulted design of the roof perfectly tells the life story of the magnificent structure. As is the case with all Islamic place of worship, the floors have been partially covered with Persian handmade carpets that bear the designs of a past generation. The stained glass windows capture the morning sunrays and usher them into the massive structure in a slow enchanted dance that is worthy of such a place.

2. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Set on a series of islands, the city whose names literally means “father of the gazelle” is a museum of modern giant architectural accomplishments that include: the Emirates Palace, The Hilton Hotel Tower, The Etisalat Headquarters, ADIA Tower, Aldar Headquarters Building, Etihad Tower, the Landmark, Capital Gate among many others. The city of Abu Dhabi is home to more than two thousand well maintained public parks and gardens.
The city of Abu Dhabi has a hot desert climate, with blue skies throughout the year. This means that the city will make an excellent vacation spot for anyone who wants to escape cold weather anytime of the year.

bigstock-Dubai-Uae-Burj-Al-Arab-From-413071271. Dubai, UAE

Located on the South East of the Persian Gulf, this city has on more than one occasion been described as the city of the future; and with good reason. Dubai is full of huge, ultramodern, magnificent buildings that feature a combination of classic and futuristic architectural designs.
Dubai is home to the world’s largest, shopping mall, some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

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